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AMA Charter #1551

The ISS is the Inland Empire’s oldest established model aircraft club dedicated to the pursuit of non-powered radio controlled aircraft activities…R/C sailplanes in short! We welcome people of all ages and every walk of life to come and join us in the fascinating miracle of flight using radio control to guide our aircraft upon the invisible waves of the sky. 

The ISS has been around for the past 25+ years, and has a marvelous history of flying and people who have been a part of the club activities. Our membership has included pilots who have gone forward to be well known in the Hobby Industry, and still others who have achieved status as World Class pilots. Yet, the atmosphere of the club is one of fun, sharing, and enjoyment for the group. Nothing is sacred within the ISS, and our membership goes out its’ way to welcome newcomers to the field. When I say nothing is sacred it means we share ideas, equipment and labor to make the club work for the benefit of all. As long as we are having fun, the spirit of the ISS is alive and well! 

With the recent explosion of electric powered models that have become not only popular, but within the financial reach of the average person, the ISS has progressed with the market, welcoming electric pilots to the field to enjoy the sport with us. Most all of the sailplane pilots also own an electric or two, and we find that the basis of the club is not lost at all. Electric pilots who join us are willing to share their knowledge and experience with us in the same enthusiastic manner as the sailplane pilots. The mix is exciting and contagious! The result is an active club that has planes of all types in the air at any given time. 

For those who like the excitement of competition, the ISS is host to two major events during the year, with the first being our own RES Challenge, This RES Challenge, which continues to grow in attendance every year schedule to be posted on the oue web. The second event is our Southern California Soaring Clubs (SC-2) Contest event, schedule to be post on the our web, in cooperation with the with the SC-2 organization of Southern California. This event has the best pilots from around the State vying for trophies and valuable contest series points towards the Year End Championship in October. Currently, our major events are held at the AYSO Soccer Fields in Riverside, Ca., which provides an incredible location with acres of pristine grass, lots of shade and amenities, plus close-in parking. It is the premier flying location in all of Southern California. 

If this all sounds too good to be true, then wake up and come to visit us. We have the blessing of land use, courtesy of the City of Riverside Parks and Recreation Department. And although our regular field may not be a lot to look at, it is close within the city, it is big, and is ours to use! Come and visit us in Riverside and see what fun R/C flying is about. We define fun as the ISS! Mike Lee

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